Hi, i’m Sarah

I am a mum of two beautiful boys who are filled with energy. As we say here in Northern Ireland, they're ‘wee divils’, but I adore them.

I have been with my husband since we turned 18 and he is my absolute rock. We've now been married 8 years and between starting businesses, renovating houses and having children, it's been a crazy ride so far!

My photography business has been going from strength to strength since I first started out four years ago. I concentrated on wedding photography for a long time but have rediscovered my passion for photographing families over the past year.

I have found my own style which I hope you can see and I honestly love my work.

Since my hubby and I have created our own little family, it is become more important to me than ever to take photographs of us. Not just phone snaps but proper ones with ME in them. I want to do that for you too.

I think all mums and dads dodge the camera because of our own insecurities or just that we're always the ones taking the photos. BUT you are the most important people in your kids’ lives so let's take some portraits for you all to love and cherish.

Sarah x